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Improving energy efficiency is a top priority for many homeowners. While you probably know that your major appliances come with Energy Star ratings, did you know that the type of roofing system you select can also improve your home’s energy efficiency? 

Choosing an energy efficient roof system

Dark materials absorb more heat from the sun – as anyone who has worn a black t-shirt on a sunny day knows. Black surfaces in the sun can become up to 70F (40C) hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. If those dark surfaces are roofs, some of the heat collected by the roof is transferred inside. That transferred heat causes your cooling system to work harder to force the heat out and maintain your desired temperature.These roofs also heat the air around them, contributing to the heat island effect. 

Energy efficient cool roofs can reduce the heat island effect, save energy, and help reduce utility bills. In a study funded by the U.S. EPA, the Heat Island Group carried out a detailed analysis of energy-saving potentials of light-colored roofs in 11 U.S. metropolitan areas. About ten residential and commercial building prototypes in each area were simulated. The analysis included both the savings in cooling and penalties in heating. They found an estimated saving potential of about $175 million per year for the 11 cities. Extrapolated national energy savings were about $750 million per year. Switch to a lighter roof surface and start saving money today!For a more in depth look check our blog about Cool Roofs.

At Weather-Tite Roofing Co. we offer a wide variety of Energy Star Rated Roofing Products to fit any roof system.

Complete Energy Star Rated Roof Systems include:

  • TPO

  • Coating Systems

  • Modified Bitumen

  • Lifetime Dimensional Shingles

  • Eco Roof Systems

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