Weather-Tite Roofing offers complete roof replacement for commercial properties throughout the Tri-State Area. Our team has extensive experience installing: 

        1. Modified Bitumen Rubber Roof Systems

        2. TPO Roofing

        3. EPDM Roofing

        4. Shingle Roof Systems

Our team will evaluate your current roof and determine the best roof restoration options available based on your existing roofing, the needs and desires of the property owner, and the available budget. We offer rapid, personal attention to each commercial roof installation. 

Contact the Weather-Tite Roofing team today to schedule your commercial roofing consultation.


How do I know if my property needs a roof restoration? 

Obvious signs a roof restoration is needed include visible leaking, water stains, or mildew. The age of your current roof is also a factor. 

Are there alternatives to a roof restoration? 

Weather-Tite Roofing offers a roof coating system that can provide a long-term solution without the need for a complete roof replacement. These coatings work by sealing and resurfacing your current roof system. The coatings can be installed over any type of roof membrane, so long as the existing roof is in appropriate condition. They extend the life of your roof system as well as providing relief from Heat Transfer caused by the absorption of UV Rays into the roof membrane. These reflective coating will not only save you money on long term roof maintenance but will also save you in energy costs as well.

If you are unsure if your property needs a roof restoration, the best step to take is to contact the Weather-Tite Roofing team for a consultation. Our experienced inspection team will be able to identify any necessary work to get your commercial roof back in great shape.