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Fall Roof Maintenance Guide For Homeowners

Weather-Tite Roofing Fall Roof Maintenance Guide

Fall is a great time to check on the health of your roof before winter weather hits the region. Performing routine roof maintenance can help prolong the life of your roof and prevent leaks and other damage from occurring.

Follow the steps in our Fall Roof Maintenance Guide to ensure your roof is ready for winter. 

1. Remove Loose Debris From Your Roof:

If you’re able, carefully use a ladder to remove any branches, sticks, or other loose debris that has landed on your roof. 


2. Clean And Inspect Gutters:

It’s important to clear your gutters of debris before winter. If your gutters are full of debris when a winter storm arrives the blockage can cause ice and snow to build up on your roof. With nowhere to drain, the ice and snow can quickly accumulate and put excess weight on the roof. This may result in leaks or damage due to the weight. It’s very important to clear your gutters and replace any damaged sections prior to winter. 

3. Survey Trees Surrounding Your Home:

Take a walk around your property, paying close attention to the trees surrounding your house. If any trees appear to be leaning, losing large limbs, or doesn’t seem healthy, it’s time to call in a professional tree service. Trees can wreak havoc on your roof so it’s important to prevent damage whenever possible. 

4. Remove Moss Buildup:

Moss accumulates on siding and shingles throughout the warm, rainy spring and summer months. When left on shingles, moss roots can lift shingles and allow moisture to enter the gap. This promotes mold growth and may lead to holes or leaks in your roof. Having the moss carefully removed from your roof can help promote roof longevity and prevent damage.


5. Order a Professional Roof Inspection:

One of the most important steps you can take this fall is scheduling a professional roof inspection. Our team will thoroughly inspect your roof, checking for:

  • damaged or missing shingles

  • issues with flashing around skylights, vents, and chimneys

  • damage to soffits and gutters

We will provide a detailed report listing any recommended repairs needed to ensure your roof is protected before winter arrives.

If you’re ready to schedule a Professional Roof Inspection, contact the Weather-Tite Roofing Team today. Our experienced roofing professionals are here to help answer any questions as you prepare to protect your home for winter.